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I’m still alive! Thought you got rid of me, didn’t you?

It has been a busy year so far!

I’ve been working hard on editing and polishing my first novel, and I’m finally approaching a finished manuscript (which is very exciting, but also terrifying because I’ll need to learn how to query, write a synopsis, etc). I have learned so much from this experience. The amount of time, effort, and perseverance required to complete a full-length novel is insane! I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it this far (I have my husband’s daily pep-talks to thank for that).

Despite my determination to remain focused on the novel full-time, my brain has been ticking noisily away behind the scenes. I already have an idea for my next novel, a sci-fi/body horror tale with a few unique twists that will be all kinds of disgusting fun to write. I can’t wait! There is NOT enough sci-fi horror out there, and I plan to change that.

I also have a rather soul-wrenching horror/sci-fi/fantasy novella planned. It started as a short story idea, but over the last few months, it has developed into a much longer piece (in my head, of course). I’m not quite sure yet where it will fall, genre-wise. I’ll find out when I start writing it!

And the short story ideas. Oh my word. I’ve never felt so backed up in my life. I have a list of ideas accumulating in my notes that could form an entire collection. I’m really excited to explore some new genres, mainly science fiction and fantasy. Some of the best stories I’ve read blur the lines between genres, and that’s something I’d like to experiment with.

Anyway, I am (obviously) not great at sacrificing precious, precious book time to write blog posts. BUT, I am on Twitter now! For more regular updates on upcoming story releases, novel progress, other horror-related interests (art/books/movies), and the occasional pet photo, you can follow me @RL_Meza.

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