Short Fiction

“We Go Sammy” in Dark Matter Magazine

“Gains” in The Dread Machine

“Dark Hours” in Dark Recesses Press January 2023 Print issue

“Binge” in Zero Dark Thirty: the 30 Darkest Tales From Dark Matter Magazine, 2021-’22

“Binge” in Dark Matter Magazine

“You Tell Me” in It Calls From the Veil

“Muscle Memory” in Dark Matter Magazine

“Skrunch” in Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Silver)

“The First Year” in Nightmare Magazine

“Scream For Your Lives” in Monstrous Books newsletter/website

“HALLWAY” in Archive of the Odd Issue #1

“The Next Time Around” and “One Door Closes” in It Calls From the Doors

“Long Pork” in It Calls From the Sea: An Anthology of Terror on the Deep Blue Sea

“Ascension” in It Calls From the Sky: Terrifying Tales from Above

“Sloth” in Madame Gray’s Vault of Gore

“The Wordeaters” in Stitched Lips: An Anthology of Horror from Silenced Voices

“Foster” in Not Just a Pretty Face: Women of Horror Volume 1